Site by Frank Guia
Cobble Thrill — A photography record of Cobble Hill by Frank Guia. Local Time

Welcome to Cobble Thrill, a photographic tribute to the New York City neighborhood known as Cobble Hill. The neighborhood is located in the northwestern portion of Brooklyn. Comprising of only forty blocks, Cobble Hill sits adjacent to Brooklyn Heights and Carroll Gardens.

I'm Frank, a neighborhood resident since March 2019. I developed this site during the Covid-19 outbreak while taking refuge in Stockbridge, MA. I've found myself longing for walks on Congress St. and eating Court Street Bagels at Cobble Hill Park.

Congress St. between Henry & Clinton

cobble Hill Park

Henry St.

Hicks St. & Atlantic Ave.

Cobble Hill Park

Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable on Atlantic Ave.

bergen St. Station

G Train on Bergen St. Station

Henry St. & Congress St.

Smith St.

Pilot on brooklyn bridge park

Cobble Hill Park

Atlantic Ave. & Henry St.

Congress St.

Smith St.

Atlantic Ave. & Hicks St.

Marty at cobble hill park

Clinton St. & Atlantic Ave.

Atlantic Ave. & Henry St.

Long Island Bar can consistently provide one of the best social environments and one of the best cocktail assortments in New York. Set by a beautiful Art Deco style bar, its interior design is reminiscent of a different era. Maintaining a rare balance of trendy and not obnoxious, Long Island Bar offers a decadent burger that must be followed by the chocolate brownie with Nutella sauce, vanilla ice cream, and pecans.

Atlantic Ave.

view into Long Island Bar

Smith St.

Walkway on henry St.

Hibino on Henry St.

Park on Henry St.

Atlantic Ave.

view from Cobble Hill Park